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Supervisor of Production Equipment Management


1. More than 2 years working experience in manufacturing field,

2. Grasp the knowledge of electrical and automatic control, computer, etc.,

3. Has a good organization and communication skill, comprehensive analysis ability, judgment

decision-making ability, hard working, respect customers.

Director of Production Management


1. More than 8 years working experience, at least 5 years senior management experience in manufacturing field, College or above, age between 40 to 45 years old.

2. Familiar with factory production operation and management, rich experience at large enterprises production management, cost control, quality management, equipment management;

3. Familiar with ISO quality management system and 5S management, with comprehensive lean production concepts and rich practical experience in lean production;

4. Good planning skills, guidance, coordination, decision-making ability, strong comprehensive coordination and organizational management capabilities

Head of Human Resources


1. More than 3 years of relevant experience;

2. With ability of systematic human resource management; according to the company's strategic development, to develop short, medium and long-term human resources, a reasonable allocation of the company's human resources; establish a standardized recruitment system and implement recruitment work for various management and technical employees, to coordinate conflicts and contradictions between departments.

3. Building company culture, and implement it into enterprise management system and management practices.

Oversea Sales Manager


1. At least three years working experience in foreign sales;

2. Bachelor degree or above, CET 4 or above, fluent English listing, speaking and writing;

3. Has Canton Fair and oversea exhibition practical experience;

4. Warm and cheerful, able to lead foreign sales team, and develop customers independently.

5. Meticulous working attitude, strong working ethic and sense of responsibility.

Oversea Sales Representative

Job requirements:

1. More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade business; excellent graduates preference,

2. College degree or above, CET-4 or above, fluent in English listening, speaking and writing, without problem communicate with customers,

3. Has Canton Fair and oversea exhibition practical experience is better,

4. Warm and cheerful, have team spirit, and develop customers independently.

5. Meticulous working attitude, strong working ethic and sense of responsibility, have strong compression ability, learning ability and good communication skills.

Domestic Sales

Job requirements:

1. Education is not limited;

2. Under the age of 28;

3. Strong learning ability, obey company arrangement; hard-working, strong sense of responsibility;

4. With sales experience is preference;

Sales Assistant

Job requirements:

1. Articulate, strong expressive ability

2. With strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;

3. Hard-working, quick thinking, with good adaptability and compression ability;

4. Good execution, be good at operating office software

5. 1- 2 years relevant working experience is preferred


Job requirements:

1. Height: above 160CM, good image, good temperament, active and cheerful personality, with affinity;

2. Strong sense of service, be good at operating office software;

3. Active and enthusiastic working, meticulous, patience, with good coordination and communication skills, with sense of responsibility;

4. Has strong team spirit, actively, honest, hard-working, compression ability.